How can a man take care of his facial skin?

It is important to have a variety of health and beauty products for the care of your body and especially for your face, if you want to have a radiant, luminous, and nourished face. Therefore, we are going to mention some steps you should follow to take care of your skin:

1. Facial Cleansing

Daily cleansing is the first step in any skin care regimen, as it removes dead skin cells and residues of environmental pollutants. To avoid irritation, it is essential to choose a cleanser that suits your biotype.

Cleansing can be done either before going to bed or just after waking up. It is also advisable to wash your face if you exercise daily because your skin can become flaky and irritated as a result of excessive sweating.

2. Applying a toner

In addition to removing dead skin cells and pollution from the face, cleansing also removes vital oils. These oils create a film on the outer layer of the skin and maintain an acidic pH (4.7 to 5.75) in the body. The tissue is protected from allergies, dermatitis, infections, and other external impacts when the pH is acidic. Skin that has been transformed (through the use of soaps or facial cleansers) is more susceptible to the sun, air pollution, and other environmental hazards.

For this reason, you should use a toner after cleansing, as this product regulates the pH of the skin and also protects it. Apply it by moistening a cotton pad and lightly dabbing it on the affected area. In addition, always try to avoid those containing alcohol, as they irritate the skin.

3. Hydration of the face

You should always moisturize your skin because skin tissue, like the rest of our body, is made up of 60% water. It is best to apply moisturizer in the morning and evening.

The product to use should be matched according to your biotype and the part of the face to be moisturized:

  • Dry skin, oils, or creams.
  • Oily skin, gels.
  • In combination skin, apply cream on the cheekbones and gel on the forehead, nose, and chin area.
  • Always use eye contour creams.

Massage the face with gentle, upward, and circular movements to promote circulation and the absorption of the product.

4. Sunscreen use

Sunlight is the main cause of skin cancer and also causes spots and wrinkles to appear. Therefore, you should include sun protection in your daily skin care regimen.

After moisturizing your face, use this lotion at least 30 minutes before leaving the house. In addition, the WHO advises using sunscreen with an SPF of 30. However, choose one with an SPF of 50 or higher if you have very fair skin or plan to spend time in direct sunlight.